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30th May 2012

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The Daily Dot: On The Dot: May 30, 2012 →


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Julian Assange loses extradition appeal

Kickstopper: In search of bigfoot

SOPA author Lamar Smith set for reelection, despite Reddit’s…

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30th May 2012


Lookie! Julian is a Cthulhologist like me!

Lookie! Julian is a Cthulhologist like me!

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29th May 2012


Verdict in Wikileaks founder's extradition expected soon →

And I think the bit about Bildt, Rove and Clinton is an exclusive (outside of Justice4Assange, of course).

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28th May 2012

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May 25, 2012
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made what he says may be his last public appearance while wearing the Guy Fawkes mask that has been adopted by the hactivist group Anonymous.

I admit I have homework to do after three days offline, but what’s the significance of the reverse-fawkes mask?


May 25, 2012

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made what he says may be his last public appearance while wearing the Guy Fawkes mask that has been adopted by the hactivist group Anonymous.

I admit I have homework to do after three days offline, but what’s the significance of the reverse-fawkes mask?

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11th April 2012

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Cryptome.org was publishing classified and secret documents long before WikiLeaks made headlines. Cryptome co-founder John Young told RT such sites are allowed to stay online so that spy services might keep an eye on their visitors.

There is no secrecy on the Internet, John Young warned.

“In terms of their being able to see everything that we are doing, we know that we cannot keep any secrets about our site and we tell our readers, ‘You should not expect us to protect you, because we are being watched and every other site is being watched, just like WikiLeaks is being watched,’” he said. “There’s no secrecy on the Internet – that’s the lesson we’ve learned and we are now trying to spread that.”

“They [the security services] use our site to see what’s going on and that’s something that we’ve learned about sites like ours. They are left in place in order to watch who comes there and see what kind of information we’ve put up,” John Young added. “The reason we haven’t been shut down is that we are useful to them to see what kind of attention is paid to this material. We think they actually feed us material to put up as they are feeding information to WikiLeaks and many other sites that operate the same way.”

John Young said Cryptome grew out of his participation in the group called Cypherpunks – which was also the group in which Julian Assange learned his skills.

“This group was composed of very highly-educated engineers, scientists and technicians who were mostly working for corporations and government on the technology of communication security,” he said.

Cryptome’s co-founder said secrecy is a biggest enemy of democracy.

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2nd March 2012

Audio post - Played 0 times

Christine Assange on Gifiles etc. I’d better get my interpreter!

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9th January 2012


Chirpstory - l'Espresso journalist @SMaurizi on meeting with Julian Assange →

How meeting Julian Assange is kind of like meeting a Cold War Spy. Drama, drama, drama. Also: where the hell did they find a house without even cell service in the UK????

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28th November 2011


Julian Assange acceptance speech for the Walkley Award →

Julian Assange – Walkley Award Acceptance Speech

Thank you for this award for the outstanding contribution to journalism. 

They say that telling the truth is no way to win friends. They say that the Australian people don’t care for the truth. Well, they’re wrong. The Australian people want to know the truth about war. They want to know who they can trust. They want to know how the world is shaped about them. They want to find a way through complexity and lies. 
Yes, our work has given us a lot of powerful enemies. But it has also given us good friends. It has brought out the best in people: courage, loyalty, compassion, and strength. And tonight I want to thank you and the Walkley Foundation for showing these values, as journalists and as Australians, in standing by WikiLeaks in our hour of need; not in five years’ time, but today when it counts. And I want to thank all of those who have continued to stand by us—our sources, our donors, our defenders—people without whom we could do nothing. 

We journalists are at our best when we share with activists and lawyers the goal of exposing illegality and wrong-doing—when we help to hold others to account. This award is a sign of encouragement to our people and other people who labor under difficult conditions in this task. Our lives have been threatened, attempts have been made to censor us, banks have attempted to shut off our financial lifeline. An unprecedented banking blockade has shown us that Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, the Bank of America, and Western Union are mere instruments of Washington foreign policy. Censorship has in this manner been privatized. Powerful enemies are testing the water to see how much they can get away with, seeing how they can abuse the system that they’re integrated with to prevent scrutiny. Well, the answer is: they can get away with too much. I expected the hate-speech on Fox News, but not the calls by U.S. Senators for the extra-judicial assassination of myself and my staff. Neither did I expect that the United States would aggressively undermine its own Constitution to persecute me and my organization. But I can understand the Washington Elites’ reaction. Washington is waging a war against the truth. It was, after all, the truth about Washington and their friends that we revealed. 

What I cannot understand is the craven behavior of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. It is embarrassing. Does she really think she can become Obama’s deputy and then run off with his friends and his job, in the manner that she did with Kevin Rudd and so many before him? It won’t work this time. The U.S. constitution won’t permit it. It is time Julia Gillard stops sucking up to power and started using the power she has to the benefit of the Australian people. This time last year, Julia Gillard commissioned an absurd, absurd whole of Government task force against us, comprising of ASIO, ASIS, the Department of Defense, the Attorney General’s Office, and the Australian Federal Police. The Prime Minister falsely stated that WikiLeaks had acted illegally. The AFP had to take the embarrassing role of correcting her. The Attorney General stated that he was looking in to cancelling my passport, while I was under dire circumstances. After pressure from the Australian people and the Australian media, McClellan decided not to saying, not that it was wrong, but that it was helpful for tracing my movements. When I was awarded the Sydney Peace Prize for our work, the Australian High Commission refused to host it. These and other acts will be an infamous memory in Australian journalism. 

We are smeared and attacked by powerful groups from the United States, including the U.S. State Department and the Bank of America. A grand jury in Washington has spent the best part of a year trying to indict me and our people for espionage. One of our alleged sources, the young intelligence analyst Bradley Manning, has been held in solitary confinement and under inhumane and degrading conditions. The UN Special Rapporteur for Torture and Amnesty International have equally been prevented from seeing him. I personally have spent over 350 days under house arrest. I have not been charged with any crime in any country, but my name is constantly smeared. Our supporters in the United States, in Great Britain, and in Europe have been arrested en masse with over 78 raids on various individuals. 

The reaction to WikiLeaks has demonstrated that, in the West, such attacks are no less vicious than in other parts of the world. They are simply more sophisticated. Washington has become an empire, not only of force, but of lies. The Australian Government has refused to say whether it would block my extradition to the United States from Australia, but it has acknowledged that it has the political discretion to do so. The Gillard Government has shown its true colors in relation to how it’s handled U.S. pressure on WikiLeaks. 

The Australian journalists are courageous, the Australian people are supportive, but Julia Gillard is a cowardly Australian Prime Minister. As Australians we shall not despair; as long as we can speak out, as long as we can publish, and as long as the internet remains free, we will continue to fight back, armed with the truth.

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2nd November 2011


Court rules on Assange extradition — RT On air →

Well, who knows how good the RT feed is going to be?

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2nd November 2011


Jordan Reyne - Johnny & the Sea (by jordanreyne)

Given to me by someone when I asked what everyone was listening to while waiting for a statement from Julian Assange http://twitter.com/#!/douglaslucas/statuses/131685653560836096

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21st December 2010

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Sometimes, the less Batman talks the better.

Batman VS Julian Assange. This will not end well.


Sometimes, the less Batman talks the better.

Batman VS Julian Assange. This will not end well.

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20th December 2010

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See? All better.


See? All better.

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19th December 2010

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i just had sex.

And it felt so good.

MissHelloKitty88: LMFAO!!!

I love The Lonely Island boys.

Best part of last night

Someone told the Guardian Julian Assange liked this song and now ALL these guys are in Gitmo.

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19th December 2010

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“How does it feel to get leaked on?”

More premium quality lulz from Juice Rap Media.

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19th December 2010

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“Thanks to WikiLeaks, you can see how corrupt governments operate in the shadows.” he said between muahahas. “Thanks to Facebook, you can figure out which Sex and the City character you are.”

Yet despite his sneering, it seems that Assange ended up taking the quiz anyway. “I’m a Samatha,” the alleged lothario said. “But if the Swedish police ask, “I’m a Charlotte.”

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