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29th August 2013


Re: Can I remove email contacts from the

‎03-13-2012 08:47 PM

rjac -

Welcome to the Community!

We don’t yet have this functionality in place, but there is a way to do so. It will require a bit of a winding road, but it works!

If you haven’t ever created an invoice, first, do so via Request Money > Create Invoice. For the purposes of setting this up, just use your own email address as the recipient but add 01 to the end of it. So, for example, myemail@sample.com would become myemail@sample.com1. Any amount works. Go ahead and send the invoice. Now that you’ve sent the invoice, you can cancel it if you want, as it will be in your account and will work for our purposes here.

Now, follow these steps:

1. Go to Request Money > Manage Invoices.

2. You’ll see your invoice in the listing below. Click on Copy.

3. In the next page, look for the “Send To” section.

4. Click on Address book.

5. From there, select the email address you want to delete and click “delete” on the right hand side.

You’ll be able to remove email addresses to your hearts content here.



— Boring but useful paypal workaround I intend to try when I’m not so lazy.

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