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7th January 2013

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I keep a lot of stuff in my nrauhauser2 Scribd profile. I have seen patterns that indicate people are starting there, then finding my blog, and they promptly get lost in here. This is a directory of the collections and significant documents with pointers on where to find the related stuff here.

The Other McCain – white trash hate talker Robert Stacy McCain littering in the Google results for my name is one of the major reasons I beat the shit out of every Republican operative that falls into my clutches. Andrew Breitbart dead? McCain started that. Ali Akbar‘s career terminated with prejudice? Hanging around with McCain is a loser’s move. Karl Rove subjected to my approach avoidance psych testing? Blame McCain. No, wait, he’s a good conservative, y’all best hang tough with him.

Kevin Trainor – one of McCain’s guys. Dunno much about him, he was just the one of the four people I know to be part of The Other McCain who happened to be vulnerable to my specific talents.

Spook Country – I was learning about alternate reality games in the fall of 2011. This is a trailhead for a game I’ve never released.

EtherSec – the #EtherSec hashtag was the scene of an interesting emergent phenomenon in the spring of 2012, but it got hijacked by lightworkers. Some darkworkers debated what to do, but in the end it was simply abandoned.

Cyber Militia Course – this 2011 course from Utica College was interesting and useful to me.

Aaron Walker Frivolous Lawsuit – if one of my associates pulled a bonehead move like sending a 262 page confession in a discovery response … well … there’d be some consequences.

ZAPEM & LEAHoneyPot – clinically paranoid New Jersey cyberstalker who has bothered me since 2010. Almost as annoying as white trash hate talker Robert Stacy McCain, and they some times work together to increase the chances that I will terminate the career of another Republican operative. Who’s next? Hard to say, but count on them to keep getting people like Andrew Breitbart, Ali Akbar, and Karl Rove on the business end of my lash of flame.

Team Themis – I wrote a white paper about HBGary’s schemes which was distributed to House staff, resulting in a call for Congressional hearings.

Nadia Naffe v. John Patrick Frey et. al.Pat Frey is liable be the next Republican operative to join Andrew Breitbart, Ali Akbar, and Karl Rove on the list of people who should have had the sense to avoid me.

Iran Strike – prior to white trash hate talker Robert Stacy McCain and his little crew of dipshit trolls wrecking my career, I was just a harmless policy wonk with an interest in renewable ammonia and foreign policy. I have been writing about the Muslim world, mostly because we make so many ridiculous errors there, but as a side benefit it keeps the Islamophobes all percolated and C4ll1ng T3H EFF BEE EYE!@!@!@!

Jason Wade Taylor Facebook Operations despite being The Next Andrew Breitbart this mouthy drunk got canceled for bothering my frenemy @Shoq & the #StopRush crew. Everybody gets filed under lulzcows on here, but Jason truly earned his place on that list.

Ali Akbar Articles by Bill Schmalfeldt which lead to his book Vice & Victory, National Bloggers Club Remembering Breitbart Expose By Larry Sinclair, and Ali Akbar Expose By Larry Sinclair are all things I am keeping, just in case something happens to their domains. Poor Ali Akbar, he had no idea what he would face when he agreed to help the effort to turn me into the October Surprise! for the Obama administration.

Voting Machine Stuff – I have someone who has an encyclopedic knowledge of this stuff. They will be sending me more documents to put in here and they’ll help me understand what all this stuff is.

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